Sunday 19 February 2023

Welcome to British Crisps!

As the keener eyed amongst you will have noticed, this inaugural post is indeed a welcome to the world of British Crisps, a world where I shall endeavour to review crisps from up and down the land. So, WELCOME!

Now, it would be fantastic to regale you with a tale of how this website came to be, but rather than being a touching, emotional journey starting on the factory floor of Walkers, I’m just a guy who enjoys crunching crisps and stringing sentences together.

The site, at present, is rather blank. In fact, as I type this, there’s nothing on the site whatsoever. But, it shall fill up, oh yes, it shall fill up. And whilst it will certainly be reviewing mainstream hits – how could I miss out Monster Munch? – I’ll also be doing my utmost to uncover the hidden gems of the British crisp industry.

Right, it’s time to get crunching…

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