Wednesday 24 May 2023

Pipers Great Berwick Longhorn Beef

Imagine you've just purchased a delicious fore rib of beef, all beautifully marbled and mouthwateringly tender. Then, just suppose you take this beef and, on a blisteringly hot day, you slap it down on a barbecue and cook it to smoky, chargrilled perfection. You know what it would be, don't you? A delicious nirvana of flavour without compare. Representing one of those rare GAME OVER culinary moments, sinking your teeth into that meat would likely make you pass out with delight. And British Crisps is here to tell you that Pipers Great Berwick Longhorn Beef capture this magic perfectly.

Sunday 21 May 2023

Vintage Crisp Packet: KP Crisps Salt & Vinegar (1984)

The British Crisps vintage crisp packet collection continues to grow, with the latest addition being a classic in the, well, classic crisps category. This packet of KP Crisps Salt & Vinegar dates from 1984 and, given its age, it features the good old KP Friars. It's also exceptionally retro, being blessed with a graphic design which encapsulates the era much more than any old "I LOVE 1984" documentary on Channel 5 can.

Sunday 14 May 2023

Walkers Max Punchy Paprika

Until I launched British Crisps, I was completely unaware of the venom that some people had reserved for Walkers. Personally, I've always been fond of Walkers and, in fact, I had planned to launch British Crisps with a review of their iconic Cheese & Onion flavour. But I got diverted by a few oddities instead, and Walkers still haven't featured. Until now. And, hopefully, everyone will be able to get on board and agree that Walkers Max Punchy Paprika are legendary icons.

Monday 8 May 2023

Pipers Upton Cheyney Jalapeño & Dill

I first encountered Pipers Upton Cheyney Jalapeño & Dill several years ago, long before British Crisps came into existence. And you know what? They were delicious, unbelievably gorgeous in fact. Such a rich, strong dill flavour with a fresh, fiery and grassy aftertaste. It was a typical Pipers experience, flavour par excellence. But then there was a drought, a long hard drought where I singled to spot a single packet out in the wild. Luckily, last week, an unplanned diversion into a pub finally brought me face-to-face with this old favourite once again. So, would they live up to my memories?

Wednesday 3 May 2023

McCoy's Sizzling King Prawn

There's nothing that turns heads quite like a meal which sizzles, just look at the frisson of excitement  which erupts when sizzling beef is served tableside in a Chinese restaurant. The sight, the sound and the smell is enough to have you salivating like a bulldog gazing in at a butcher's window. But can you capture this gustatory magic in a packet of crisps? Well, McCoy's hope that their Sizzling King Prawn crisps can, and British Crisps is going to be the judge of this.

Sunday 30 April 2023

Vintage Crisp Packet: Saucey Tomato Wotsits (1984)

I warned you, when I looked at the vintage Smiths crisps mug, that the door had been opened to buying vintage crisp memorabilia. And, once that door is opened, there's no closing it. Which isn't good news for my bank balance, but it's excellent news for British Crisps. This means that, today, I'm going to treat you to a look at a 1984 packet of Saucey Tomato Wotsits.

Thursday 27 April 2023

Slabs Slightly Sea Salted

Crisps? I've known a few. Nobbly, straight cut, crinkle cut, square cut, puffed up, claw shaped, ring shaped, hand cooked, slow baked, quick fried and countless more. The thing is, I'd probably tasted all of these by the age of eight. So, when it came to new crisp adventures, was British Crisps to be forever stuck going round a ring road paved with the same old potatoes? Sure, new flavours have always been plentiful. But what about a a texture which put on my indicators and took me somewhere new? Well, I've finally found it in Slabs Slightly Sea Salted.