Thursday 30 March 2023

Simply Roasted Mature Cheddar & Red Onion

British Crisps may be a website with a firm footing in indulgence, but it doesn't mean I'm some absolute slob with permanently greasy fingers and a gut waging an ever losing battle with gravity. In fact, it may shock you to learn I'm relatively healthy. The key word being relatively. Anyway, whilst it's unarguable that I love a high calorie packet of crisps to fuel my various activities, I'm not averse to a healthy option. And that's why British Crisps is going to take a look at Simply Roasted's Mature Cheddar & Red Onion.

Now, these are healthy crisps, and they're backed by some intriguingly healthy credentials. Produced over in Norwich, these Norfolk crisps are cooked up from a combination of locally grown potatoes and an innovative cooking process, which also happens to be super healthy. Although their website doesn't give too much away, Simply Roasted are proud to reveal that their crisps are roasted in unique ovens. This roasting process means that there's less fat required and, consequently, less calories building up around your waist.

Simply Roasted launched their crisps back in 2021 and, for a while, I've noticed them on the shelves in Waitrose. Accordingly, we'll start this deep dive on their Mature Cheddar & Red Onion crisps by looking at their packaging. It is, undoubtedly, no frills; if I'm being 100% honest, it feels like a supermarket value brand such is its starkness and basic fonts/colour scheme. And yet it absolutely screams at you from the crowded shelves in the supermarket. I guess that less, sometimes, is more.

The tasting got off to an unremarkable start, with only a slight whiff of cheese and onion being detectable on the nose as the packet was opened. The crisps themselves were relatively dark and, due to the roasting process, very dry looking - a matte look as opposed to a greasy, gloss finish. Instantly, despite this fact not being mentioned on the packet, I also noticed that these crisps were of the skin-on variety. It was an intriguing proposition, but one which left me unsure of what was ahead. But, in the British Crisps spirit, I stopped being so trepidatious and stuffed a handful in my mouth.

I should also have mentioned - and indeed I could have simply edited this into the previous paragraph - that these are thick cut crisps. Not surprisingly, this thickness helps to ignite a mighty crack when your teeth go to town. Being a low-fat option - with just 2.9g of fat per 21.5g serving - does, of course, mean the flavour is always going to struggle.  After all, fat carries flavour.

But Simply Roasted have done their best to address this with their Mature Cheddar & Red Onion. The flavour builds slowly and, although dulled by its healthy outlook, gives a generous cheese and onion taste with a mild tang. This is backed by a deliciously earthy taste provided by the proud border of potato skin coating the crisps, a fantastic decision by Simply Roasted.

These aren't my favourite cheese and onion crisps, but they're definitely my favourite 'healthy' cheese and onion crisp. Part of this is due to the excellent flavours imparted by the potato skin and part of this comes from not having to reach for the mouthwash afterwards. This 93g bag is usually around £2.20 but I picked it up on offer for £1.65, so it's far from a cheap and healthy option.

Nonetheless, Simply Roasted's vision of a healthy, tasty option is admirable and, as such, I'll be diving into more of their packets.

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