Monday 6 March 2023

Bobby's Burger Bites

There are very few meat eaters who don't revel in the delights of a burger. They are, after all, food valhalla from start to finish. Juicy, beefy bites of fatty, unctuous perfection, there's no argument against the wonders of a burger. This is why I was thrilled to pick up Bobby's Burger Bites for British Crisps.

Bobby's have been manufacturing cakes and snacks for over 50 years now, so you'd like to think they know what they're doing. I was, I must concede, a little hesitant when I first picked up the 36g packet in the local corner shop. For a mere 59p they sounded far too good to be true. But British Crisps is all about doing the hard work, so I dug into my pocket and fished out the required funds.

Style wise, the Burger Bites packet is big, bold and in your face which, for the relatively low cost of the snack, is a fine achievement, so kudos to the graphic design team's efforts. It's unarguable from the packaging that you're going to be getting anything less than a burger-based snack, and this only serves to heighten the anticipation as you rustle the packet between your fingers. The packet also promises "stacks of flavour!" and a serving of "crunchy and punchy snacks" which instantly kicks your salivary gears into action.

So, what's it like when you start crunching and munching your way through the Burger Bites? They're certainly beefy, a very pleasing brand of beef which is both savoury and sweet - "stacks of flavour" is, therefore, bang on the money. But do they recreate the magic of a burger in a maize-based snack? Sadly, they don't quite achieve that. There's a hint of cheese and the tang of an onion in the background but these are mild at best. If you can imagine the beefiness of Roast Beef Monster Munch, then the flavour of Burger Bites is similar, if not as intense.

In terms of texture, the crunch of Burger Bites is divine. Bolstered by a wonderfully tight texture, Burger Bites ensure that you really need to get your molars to work through them. The result is a momentous cacophony of crunching which can be heard for miles around. The packet, of course, appears to show that the Burger Bites are burger shaped, but the actual snacks end up more like burger balls. They're beautifully coloured, though, and life's too short to start bringing up the Trade Descriptions Act about snacks.

Burger Bites proved to be a pleasant surprise and they were a hit with the family too, my daughter demanding more Burger Bites for a good 24 hours afterwards. Whilst they are, indeed, perfect for a child, they're equally fantastic for an adult. In fact, I raced through the packet so quickly I was left a little morose once the feasting was over.

And, at 59p, they're a B.A.R.G.A.I.N so I can heartily recommend buying two packs and stuffing your face.

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